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Thank you for visiting my site. The following are a list of topics on my links page, not the actual links themselves. (The links themselves start where noted):
Celebrities: Drew Carey, Tony Slattery, Paul Lynde, Ronnie Lane, Montel Williams,George Michael
Music: JACK FM 102.7, Cincinatti's Original Hits (WSAI),  a Korean site with album reviews, my brother's site with Heavy Metal links, ,VH-1, Nirvana, and 2 of my friends' BNL sites, Alice in Chains, 98 Rock (WIYY) Baltimore & Cab Ride Home (my bro's band)<--indicated by the Taxi cab! George Michael, George Harrison
Television: All in the Family, Gilligan's Island, Kids in the Hall, Three's Company, I Dream of Jeannie, MadTv,Bewitched
Miscellaneous: Banners (to link my site), National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS), Other MS-related sites, Trivia Wars, my friend's site on Horses and Weirdness,, Ebay, Fox News, Garfield, Internet Movie DataBase,,,Three Stooges, two of my friends' personal sites about lots of things, Whatever Happened to...? ,Music Choice,  A 1980s website (which also includes the 1970s and 1990s), Office Space & Facebook, Best Buy, Hand in Hand Parenting, QuitDay, Addiction Resource, Vaping Daily, an RV blog

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This really is a fun site, with Tony pictures, Tony fashion, and so much more Senior Drug & Alcohol Rehab
Tony Slattery pictures, WLiiA? drinking game, even a Peter's Friends drinking game, and much more
My Pages:
Return to more Tony Pictures-Tony Slattery photos galore

Final Farewells 2-Continuation of tributes to famous people
Head home-aka index

Welcome Back, Kotter &
MacGyver-2 great shows

All in the Family-Good ol' Archie!

APS---I learned in Sept '07 that I was misdiagnosed with MS for 5 years!

I Dream of Jeannie-Jeannie's always in trouble!
Three's Company  ^website                                                                      
Kids in the Hall Page-Funny, w/bios)

Kids in the Hall Fun Page-My weird takes on them

George Michael--Tribute to him, my first crush

Final Farewells Page-Tributes to famous people

Nirvana-the band

Paul Lynde-the comedian


People have ventured into these other sites since January 5, 2001!

If you're a horse lover, or if you just like weird people (like me!), or both, click on the photo to go to Maggie G's site (Hi, Kitty!)
The Evil Kithdom Fan Page---check out Carol's KITH page! Great KITH information

             Radio Sites:                              Click below to go to TVLand

1530 AM--WSAI...Cincinatti's Original Hits

Go see Jessi's BNL site! If you love BNL, I know you'll love her site!

Click on Michael McDonald (below) to go to the official MadTV site


Here's my main banner (has the homepage address):

*You no longer need to put "homestead" in the address.* will work!

Here's the banner for my Three's Company page:

*You no longer need to put "homestead" in the address.* For this, will work!

Click below to go the true hard rock station's website 98 Rock 97.9 (WIYY-Baltimore),
email me
Family, Friends and Cats---stuff about me

My Three's Company Page---tribute to the first show I ever watched

Sign My Guestbook ---Let me know what liked on my site, or just stop in and say hi

George Harrison ---my personal tribute to the late Beatle, who was, and still is, my favorite

Whose Line/Tony-Back when the show aired on Comedy Central, his jokes & movies

Three's Company-Come see the very first TV show I ever watched

Click on the banners (or words/pictures) to go to the indicated site:
Maggie B's BNL Site: If you like BNL, go see pictures of Margaret with each of the members. She's a truly dedicated fan and she's met the whole band over 20 times!

Gilligan Links:
This (above) site is a Korean site on music albums, and my site is creditted, particularly my Nirvana page
                            Usually has great music and specials, such as I Love the 80s and I Love the 90s

      Nirvana Bootlegs
Paul Lynde Links

Classic Squares-Yes kids, "Hollywood Squares" was around long before 1998! Read what this genius had to say when he was asked the questions!

Paul Lynde Homepage Read some Paul articles and improve your mind! This is a very cool website. The webmaster appeared on Paul Lynde for Biography!
Check out this I Dream of Jeannie page. The owner was contacted by A&E to appear on Biography!
ebayebay search
Buy things below!Click below for 1990s nostalgia

Click above to go to Cristy's personal website. Her site includes photos, her writing, her guinea pigs, and links to help you lose the boredom!
Click on Neil Cavuto (above) to get the fair and balanced News from Fox News Channel. He has MS, like I thought I did, but he doesn't like to share that with his viewers. Click on his book, More Than Money if you or someone you know would like an autographed copy of it.

Check out this Ronnie Lane site below             
Multilple Sclerosis Celebrities
I was misdiagnosed with MS and I had to take a shot everyday for 5 years, so please ignore things that say
Click the photo of comedian Johnathan Katz to go to his website
Even Garfield has his own website now!

Click below for 1980s nostalgia
Click above to see if or when your favorite shows went downhill.
Click below for 1970s nostalgia
Click on Nirvana's Krist to go to a site dedicated to him!--->
Click on Eddie Munster to find out whatever happened to your favorite  child stars, or any other star you haven't heard from in a while.  Click the link to the right to go to the official Munsters site!
Click on Liz to see reviews of your favorite Bewitched episodes
Go to the official Alice in Chains site above (Click on Layne)
Check out this Homesteader's Alice 'n Chains site. I was very impressed with it. See why!
Michael Airington as Paul Lynde This guy is not a disappointment with the critics! Check out the website
Click here to search for song lyrics to any song
I prefer this to WBIG, since they got rid of all their DJs!
Click on Peter to go to a cool Office Space site!
Steele Shepherd's House of Blues--Has the Kurt Cobain episode o f"Unsolved  Mysteries"--TURN YOUR VOLUME UP!!!
I can easily spend hours looking at Nirvana-related and Alice in Chains-related topics!
Did you know that Bruce McCulloch has a site?
Facebook I am on this
JACK FM--102.7
1980s music!
Works now
The heavier side &  sound of yoga!
Go to Comedy Central's site
VH1's better site/side
Hand in Hand parenting smoking!!!
Cig vs vape pen, courtesy of
Stop your drug or other addicition!
Addicted and having problems sleeping?
Need drug consuling?
Non-drug therapies for sleep disorders
Alcohol and sleep    Addiction and recovery Non-drug sleep therapies
The recovery village
National Council on Seniors Drug & Alcohol Rehab
Sleep better!
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