Nirvana There will never be another band like them
Since December 1995, I have been a loyal fan of Nirvana. Though Kurt had been gone for over one-and-a-half years by the time I got into them, I still loved their music, and I loved Kurt. The way I got into Nirvana was weird, literally! I first started watching music videos on MTV (back when they actually played videos) when they were doing something called "Al TV." (It was a bunch of videos by "Weird" Al Yankovic, the parody king.) The song that was played was "Smells Like Nirvana." I figured that the original version must have (duh!) been done by Nirvana. Eight months after getting into Nirvana, my family got a black cat from one of my friends. (I picked him out myself.) I knew the only name I could pick for him would be Kurt. (see right) (Click above to upload)

This page does not focus on Kurt's death at all, so don't
waste your time sending me "suicide notes," because I
will NOT post them. Why? Because this is not the "typical" tribute page.
I like to show different things in relation to whatever I'm talking
about. It's more fun for me, and I don't want to have a web page that
is identical to anyone else's.* (Which mainly focus on his death, for the most part.)
5/8/14--Judging by the over
370,000 hits! I guess nobody
really seems to mind!
I love Nirvana and I love cats. Kurt Cobain loved cats as well, though his favorite animals were turtles. Here's some photos of Kurt as a cat lover:

This one here on the left is really sweet, and I absolutely adore the one on the right.
Kurt (on his preference to cats):  "Cats have a "fuck you" attitude...Dogs are too eager to please."
Okay, now onto the band.

Of course, the last Nirvana line-up will be the one that the band will be remembered by:

From left to right: Krist Noveselic, Kurt Cobain, and Dave Grohl.

(3/8/05 fromTKS-I just tried doing a search on Google for myself--I can't believe all of the sites that talk about nothing but Kurt's death! Here, I promise to keep his memory alive by focusing on his LIFE!)
Just how many names did Nirvana go through before settling on Nirvana? A lot. But to be  more specific, they tried "Ted, Ed, Fred,"" Stiff Woodies,"" The Sellouts, "even "Skid Row" (not
to be confused with the Sebastian Bach band of the same name), which included  Aaron Burchhard on drums.
*(They (Skid Row) had formed in 1986, so they would not have shared the same name!)*

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More on "Weird Al" and Nirvana:
-Dave Grohl said he knew Nirvana had made it when he heard "Smells Like Nirvana" by "Weird Al"
-When Al wanted to get permission from Kurt to spoof "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Kurt asked him if the song was going to be about food. (Al replied back, "No, it's going to be about how no one can understand what your lyrics.")
-Krist said,"I thought, 'Oh, no... he's was going to kill us,' but it was the funniest thing I have ever seen!

*Nirvana's influences*

*2007/2008 Frances Photos*
My cat Kurt
I want to thank all of my loyal viewers for this number! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
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Courtesy Nirvana-Fully Illustrated Book & Disc
Courtesy Nirvana-Fully Illustrated Book & Disc
Kurt Donald Cobain*      Instruments: Guitar and lead vocals
Born February 20, 1967 in Hoquiam, WA to Donald and Wendy

Married Courtney Michelle Love on February 24, 1992.

Daughter Frances Bean Cobain was born on August 18, 1992.
Kurt had a younger sister, Kim
Died on April 5, 1994. *   Body found 3 days later on April 8th by electrician Gary Smith, who was installing a security system Eulogy delivered on April 11th by Courtney Love (on a pre- recorded tape).See her and Wendy O'Connor's comments on this page under Kurt's entry *Wendy O'Connor reportedly last spoke with Kurt on April 6, 1994.

Kurt had what he considezred to be a happy childhood up until the age of seven when his parents divorced. Kurt lived with his mother and younger sister, Kim.
Kurt grew up listening to the Beatles until the age of nine, when his father introduced him to the heavier sounds of the day, such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Kiss. Kurt met Krist Noveselic through a mutual friend, Buzz Osbourne (of the Melvins).  The two formed a Credence Clearwater Revival cover band called The Sellouts. Later on, Kurt and Krist formed Nirvana in 1987, after Kurt had been in previous bands such as Fecal Matter, (which broke up in 1986), and was the band he sent Krist tapes of before forming Nirvana)  Then he was also in the short-lived band called Brown Cow. Before becoming a rock star, Kurt Cobain worked odd jobs such as a janitor, he worked in dental surgery, and even as a swimming instructor!
Nirvana recorded Bleach in 1989, for $606.17.  Their first single off of this album was "Love Buzz", which was a remake of the Shocking Blue song. (Shocking Blue is best known for the song "Venus".)
Kurt met Courtney Love in late 1989 at a concert venue in Portland, Oregon. After they parted, they met again two years later, ironically through Dave Grohl, and Courtney greeted him with a punch in the stomach. The two were married on February 24, 1992.
Courtney became unknowingly pregnant with Kurt's child in December of 1991. Even after finding out of her child-to-be, Courtney allegedly continued to smoke and abuse drugs. The tabloids had a field day with this, and it got to the point where people were becoming concerned about the unborn baby. After reading a particular article in Vanity Fair, the Children's Services in Los Angeles threatened to take the baby away from them. Frances Bean Cobain was born on August 18, 1992. She was completely healthy on arrival. While Kurt and Courtney battled the Children's Services, Frances stayed with Courtney's sister, Jamie.
Unfortunately, Kurt was only able to see his daughter though one of her birthdays. By the time Frances turned two, her father was gone.
*2/20/2017--Happy 50th birthday, Kurt!*

Krist Anthony Novoselic                 Instrument: Bass
Born May 10, 1965 in Compton, CA to Krist and Maria
Has a younger sister, Diana, born in 1973, and a younger brother, Robert.
Married long-time girlfriend, Shelli, on December 30, 1989 in Tacoma, WA. (They later divorced in 1999.)
Worth noting: Krist is 6'7"---over a foot taller than Kurt was
It was Krist who was the Shocking Blue fan.  Kurt would've preferred their first single to be something that he wrote himself, not a cover song like "Love Buzz", which Nirvana recorded because of Krist's love of the band.
Krist married his long-time girlfriend, Shelli, on December 30, 1989.  (They later divorced on 1999.) When Kurt and Courtney were married, Krist and Shelli always ignored Courtney.  She had too much control over Kurt, and they wanted nothing to do with her. Even today, Krist and Dave Grohl continue to have legal battles with Courtney over the rights to Nirvana's music. (Krist did buy the rights to in 1999, but has no plans for it as of yet.)
Since Nirvana's untimely demise, Krist has become politically active (becoming a senator for Washington state), and he even formed a band called Sweet 75.
He still finds it hard to this day to speak of Kurt Cobain, but he has been more vocal about it than he was right after it happened.
As of late, he has formed a commitee to battle censorship
As of 2008,he had also joined the punk band Flipper. (See story)

*Krrist only went  to church to meet girls*

David Eric Grohl    Instruments: Drums and background vocals
Born in Warren, OH on January 14, 1969 to James and Virginia
As of August 2003: married to Jordyn Blum (See pic under Dave's photo and 2x to the left.)
Grew up in Springfield, VA with his mother & younger sister, Lisa
Nirvana had one drummer after another since forming in 1987. After Chad Channing left the band after releasing Bleach, Nirvana began to look for yet another drummer. Buzz Osbourne of the Melvins recommended a drummer from Washington, DC by the name of Dave Grohl. This would be the last time they would have to look. Dave Grohl had just recently left a band called Scream, and he boarded the plane to Seattle with only his drum kit and a bag of clothes. (He had also played in the band Freaky Baby before moving to Scream.)<--Both Dave & Franz Stahl of the Foo Fighters their start in Scream!
The trio of Nirvana that everyone now knows of was completed when Dave joined the band in 1990. Kurt and Krist got along with Dave a lot better than they had with the previous drummers. (In one photo of Nirvana taken when Chad Channing was still in the band, Kurt had drawn a plus sign over himself and Krist, and a minus sign over Chad.)
During his tenure with the band, Dave played drums, sang back-up to Kurt, and lead sang on one song called "Marigold, "which is on the Heart-Shaped Box single.
Before getting married, Dave went through several relationships, notablely that of photographer Jennifer Youngblood, whom he divorced in 1997. He still remains active in the music scene with his highly successful band, the Foo Fighters. Unlike his Nirvana days, he no longer plays drums, but instead plays lead guitar, sings the lead vocals, and writes most of their songs. He did reprise his role as a drummer when he appeared on Mad Tv with Jack Black's band, Tencious D, among others, including Queens of the Stone Age.<--Dave was asked by Tom Petty in 1994 if he would be interested in joining the Heartbreakers, but Dave declined, due to the release of the Foo Fighters self-titled debut, many of the songs of which were recorded during his time with Nirvana as demos. Dave and Tom have played together at the re-opening of Soundcity in CA in the summer of 2013!
IT'S A GIRL! VIOLET MAYE GROHL WAS BORN ON APRIL 15TH (2006) AT 4:35PM PST! 4/15/07--Happy 1st Birthday, Violet Maye! (4/15//09)--Happy 2nd birthday, Violet!
See my Nirvana CD collection on this page, as I obviously have no room on this one. (Plus, the fact that my Nirvana collection has always been on that page!) Click on the Nirvana quick link on my homepage to see my collection!
Click above on "Marigold" to upload.
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(2 original members of Nirvana)
-Nirvana Web Poll-

An early Nirvana line-up: (from front) Kurt Cobain, Jason Everman, Chad Channing, and Krist Novoselic
Top center: Right after the Nevermind explosion, life is good for Nirvana
Right corner: A recommendation of songs to download, in which Nirvana were mentioned (Kurt, of course, was pictured)
Courtney Love
Courtesy Nirvana-Fully Illustrated Book & Disc
Property of TKS/Courtesy DGR
Courtesy Nirvana-Fully Illustrated Book & Disc
Courtesy Nirvana-Fully Illustrated Book & Disc
Courtesy of
Left corner: The Kids in the Hall were great fans of Nirvana, and Nirvana were fans of them as well. All five of the Kids attended Kurt's vigil, and Bruce McCulloch (the one with the roses) wrote a song about it. Kurt greatly admired Scott Thompson (the one in the middle). For more on Nirvana and Kids in the Hall, go to this page. Top: Krist talks as Dave and Kurt listen. Right corner: "Kurt Cobain: He never realized the lasting impact his music would have." Left: Kurt performing in happier times. Right: Nirvana taking it easy. Bottom left: Krist and Dave appear amused by "Captain America." Below: This is a very rear CD single, as only 5,000 copies were made. It was sold only in Australia and Holland. (I still haven't figured out how it got to my town.) I'm only posting this picture because I own it myself. Bottom right: Kurt sings in blue surroundings

Which is/are your favorite Nirvana album(s)?
Nirvana (Greatest Hits)
Any Interview Album/CD
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Unplugged in New York
Fully Illuststrated Book and Disc
From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah
With the Lights Out (Box Set)
Sliver: The Best of the Box
Any "Singles" (i.e. In Bloom, Lithium, etc...)
Soundboard Live 1990
Kurt Cobain (Audio Laserdisc)
Collector's Box
Maximum Nirvana
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Nirvana Web Poll--9/21/06--It  works  again!!! ( TKS, 2/23/07)
Frances Bean
Frances Bean celebrated her 15th birthday on August 18, 2007! I have her email, so I wrote to her wishing her a happy 15th birthday.  (I MUST PROTECT HER PRIVACY, WHICH IS WHY HER EMAIL IS NOT FOR SALE!)
I've had people begging me for her email--Do NOT bother...It's not  happening. CASE CLOSED!* NO EXCEPTIONS*

News on the latest Nirvana happenings and older news:

The Nirvana box set came out Tuesday, November 23, 2004!  (I got it for Christmas 2004!) For more info on the box set, go to (Search under "Nirvana") Try this link
"You Know You're Right," the last known recording by Nirvana,  hit the internet late in 2002, and is currently on their Greatest Hits CD.  Courtney Love had told Howard Stern on his radio program that she had worked out her legal battle with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. The Greatest Hits package was in stores by Christmas 2002.Read more about it at E! Online News. In older  news:
Check out Dave Grohl's story in the April 11-13, 2003 edition of USA Weekend! (The title is "Foo for Thought") If you haven't gotten the VH1-People Special Collectors edition of the 200 Icons of all time,there should be a copy for you at your local bookstore, like Barnes & Noble. (Kurt is #37.)
Also, check out the February 2004 edition of Guitar World (Dave Grohl Goes on a Heavy Metal Rampage)
pgs.64-72 for an interview with Dave talking about playing
with Lemmy from Motorhead and Wino from Obsessed. He was quoted
as saying, "Being in the studio with Lemmy, to me, was like being in the studio with Paul McCartney."  <--Which really happened; Dave being with Paul   
Don't forget to by the April 2004 issue of SPIN, commemorating the tenth anniversary of Kurt's death
*I'll say this again: I'm being nice by leaving these articles up, although they're very outdated. Why am I doing this? For my viewers who appreciate it! If you want a copy of an article, do not email me asking me why I keep leaving old articles up! If you want a copy, article. Emailing me is the better way to go!*
(4/8/06) Get Guitar World with Kurt on the front! (See 2nd one here.)

Did you hear about the film on Kurt Cobain coming out soon, Come as You Are? Go to DC101to read about it!
5/4/07-Going back to Frances, so you think that she & Courtney went though Kurt's things back in 1994? Well, not according to one of my viewers! My viewer tells me that  "...Frances only will stay with a sweater, guitar and the drafts of "Smells like teen spirit". Courtney is also planning to give the rest of (Kurt's) clothes away to complete strangers, rather than her own daughter!
Just a few weeks old and Frances is already sharing with her daddy
Are both tired or fussy? Your call...
Kurt and Courtney welcome newborn Frances Bean into the world
Frances and Courtney not long after Kurt's death
(Below) The Cobain family circa 1972: Wendy (mother), Donald (father), Kimberly (sister) and Kurt
George Harrison
All in the Family
Welcome Back, Kotter
Final Farewells 2
Thanks for the photo, Clint!
This photo of an early Nirvana shot was sent to me from one of my viewers. If anyone would like me to post a photo on any of my pages, please don't be afraid to EMAIL ME  I never turned anyone down who was willing to share any photos or other info with me and my viewers!
I Dream of Jeannie
Thanks for the Frances pic, Boo141939980!
Thanks for this one too, Boo!
Here's two pictures of Frances, about age 10. Both were sent to me by Boo141939980   See more of her photos below (along with other fans)

Viewer Boo141939980's Photos--This is a very generous person! She has given all of the following photos to me to share with all of my other viewers!



Viewer Matt's photos Here is another generous viewer who was willing to share his photos with other Nirvana fans like us!

Black and white photo of Kurt
Teenage Kurt
Teenage Dave
Kurt with red hair
Todler Kurt
Go-cart Kurt
Little Kurt
Kurt and his little girl
Another young Frances photo
A very blonde Kurt
Viewer Jennifer's photos Wow! There are a whole lot of Nirvana fans still out there!
Viewer Jenny's photo Another cat photo!I love it, and I think you will, also!
Kurt and Spina Bifida
It's the best my scanner could do. The poster looks about the same as this!
First Viewer Mike's photo I really love it when younger people send me pictures of Kurt or Nirvana! That tells me that there is hope for kids and teens today to have decent music in their lives, instead of being stuck with teeny bopper pop music and/or hip-hop or rap.
  Paul Lynde

Viewer Emma's photos Thank you!  It means a lot to me to post your Kurt/Nirvana photos :)    
Viewer XoBmKxo's photos Another younger person who appreciates real music!
Dave Grohl & Jordyn Blum have welcomed their first child on April 15, 2006! Violet Maye Grohl turned two on April 15, 2008!
Viewer Laura's photos
These photos are courtesy of
TKS photos From my own collection
Kurt has an emotional breakdown
A frieght wig is an excellent choice when you can't decide what to wear!
The cover of "Nirvana: Full Illustrated Book & Interview Disk"
Kurt Cobain becomes an icon
Kurt on a bumper sticker
Kurt in his red & black-striped shirt
Kurt, even with hair in his face, can still carry on quite a performance
No, I haven't forgotten about Dave...
...or Krist!
Dave Grohl and Jordyn Blum-- Mr. and Mrs. Dave Grohl
Original Nirvana members: Jason Everman & Chad Channing
Jason Everman (1989) (w/curly hair) played guitar while in Nirvana. He is creditted with playing on Bleach, though he did not. He was born August 16, 1967in Ouzinikie, AK. Kurt Cobain apparently put Jason's name on Bleach as a way of saying "thanks" to him.

Chad Channing (1988-90) stayed with the band until after they recorded their single "Blew." He was born on January 31, 1967 in Santa Rosa, CA. He was one of many drummers in Nirvana, and he and Kurt did not get along very well, as he was eventually fired. In an early publicity shot, Kurt had drawn a + sign above himself and Krist, but he draw a minus sign over Chad. (Chad claims he quit.)

This is Kurt's half-sister, Brieann O'Connor
This is Kurt's half -sister, Brieann O'Connor
Courtesy People 2004--"30 Years of Seeing Stars"
This is what the long-awaited Nirvana box set looks like
Viewer Rebecca's photos Another generous viewer! Check out all these pictures of Kurt!
Viewer Jasmine's collage--Did I ever get luck the first night of 2005! I had both Rebecca's and Jasmine's photos waiting for me!
Courtesy of Potomac News/Robert Sorbo-AP
*Just as a side-note: If you move the mouse over the photos, I DO credit my sources! A lot of the photos below are from either Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love: In their  own words or one of my many other Nirvana books.
Viewer Peanut's photos This viewer has emailed me before, and this time, he had pictures to share!
Viewer Ester's photos She' s a big fan of Nirvana! She's from Argentina, and way into the band!
This is from the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video
Viewer Miranda's photos--She has what a lot of you have been asking for--older Frances Bean Cobain photos!
Courtney Love & Frances Bean in December 2003
Frances Bean & Courtney Love at the Grammy Awards in 2004
2/26/05Guess what? My old high school (yes, the one with the assholes who chased me down the hallway after school one day for liking Nirvana) wrote an article about me and my site for the February edition of Panther Tracks. (Hmmm...which of my pages was the highlight?)

Katie Roem writes that she has a website,, with 17 different pages including TV shows, a personal page with her likes and dislikes, and a page about her fight with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Since January 2001, the entire website has over 75,000 hits, particularly the Nirvana page.
Little 'champ' Frances laps up her mum's affection...
Courtney and Frances in December 2003, when Frances was 11
Courtney Love...when she was still a respectable ROCK STAR!
(Courtney) with Frances in 1995 after pleading guilty to assult
What I went through in high school for liking Nirvana...I ended up going to not only the guidance counselor's office more times than I care to remember, but one day after school, a bunch of jocks (the "assholes") literally chased me down the hallway shouting, "KURT COBAIN! KURT COBAIN! GET OVER HIM, HE'S DEAD!" Other students also thought it was amuzing, especially the bitchy girls, and also joined in on the "fun," asking me questions like, "Did you cry when Kurt Cobain killed himself?" First off, if you read what I wrote above, I did not get into Nirvana until one-and-half years after Kurt died. Second, there are now many theories that he could have been murdered! (I should also mention that the majority of the people chasing me were either Juniors and Seniors!) (Even though I was also a Junior when this happened, I mistakenly thought that the jock assholes would be more mature than that!) Anyway, after that occurance, I was asked to see the vice principal of the school, since I tried to defend myself against them. You ever notice how the ones being teased or picked on are the ones to get in trouble? Too bad for them! I got the last laugh, however, thanks to all of my loyal viewers! Read about it here, if you haven't already. Thanks again!~TKS 3/'05--TEST YOUR NIRVANA KNOWLEDGE HERE!<---Works now! (TKS 2/23/07)
I found out in  Sept '07 that I was misdianosed!
More of Viewer Ester's photos I said she was a big fan, didn't I? Here are even more of Ester's beautiful Nirvana photos!
Viewer Svenja's photos I like this gal's taste in music (and pictures)!
Viewer Emily's photos I love it so much when younger people tell me they love Nirvana! There IS hope for today's youth after all! (At least some of them, anyway!)
Kurt Cobain Journals: "If you read, you'll judge."
The original cover for Nevermind
Here, we have Purrvana: "Nevermack"
Bart  does the Nirvana
Emily herself showing off her Nirvana top
Viewer Elisa's photos--She's all the way from Romania!
Kurt on MTV Unplugged-11/10/93
More of Viewer Ester's photos! What more can I say? She is truly a dedicated fan!
Viewer Harry's photos He's another cool person from the UK; obviously his taste in music is great!
Caption at bottom: "Thank you, Kurt Cobain"
The early Nirvana in 1989: Channing, short term gutarist Jason Everman, Novoselic, Cobain (left to right)
More of Viewer Miranda's photos Yes, my fellow Nirvana fan in England has more to share with all of her fellow fans from all over the world!
Courtney resting her head on the sweater of a red-headed Kurt
Cartoon Kurt: "That was punk rock Krist"
Baby Frances on her daddy
Are Nirvana lost in the jungle?
Kurt's sure enjoying that popsicle!
Viewer Emily's collage (& pics) What a coincedence! Both of my viewers from England had photos to share the weekend after the 11th anniversary of the awful news!
This page was last updated on: April 9, 2017
Viewer Miranda holds a "Courtney" doll and a "Kurt" doll--both of which she made!
Goodbye, Kurt! Rest in peace!
NIRVANA:Nevermind...Includes "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
Thanks! Your's does, also!
Viewer Sarah's photos I cannot tell you how good it is to know that younger people are getting a decent musical up-bringing!
Viewer Ester's photos My viewer from Argentina has drawings done by Kurt Cobain himself to share with us
Viewer Svenja's photos She has MORE photos to share with us!
If you're lucky enough to go to Aberdeen, WA, this is what the welcome sign now says
Courtney Love
These items of Miranda's were signed by Kurt and Krist!
*If you want to download the songs, just click on the names!*
Songs dedicated to Kurt Cobain:
Let Me In by REM*
Vigil by Bruce McCulloch
Hey Hey My My by Neil Young (Although originally written for Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols, Young said he would now dedicate the song for Kurt when he performs.)
Sleeps With Angels by Neil Young*-Thanks Dan!
About a Boy by Patti Smith-Thanks Elvira!
So Sorry Mr. Cobain by Lena Fiagbi
Tearjerker-by Red Hot Chilli Peppers*-Thanks Natalie!
The Fall, or Kurt's Blues by Cher-Thanks Iris!
Mighty K.C by For Squirrels-Thanks Iris!
The Day Seattle Died --by Cold*--Thanks Guven!
Kurt Cobain--by Dan Bern--Thanks Guven!
Kurt Cobain by Wesley Wilis-Thanks Guven!
If YOU can think of any more, please email me! Thank you.
Just because I am posting these songs does NOT mean I agree with their content (some mention Kurt's death) If you want to download the songs, by all means, do that; I am just saying the content is not mean those are my views***
Viewer Morgan's photo Thank you for the first photo I've gotten this half of the year ('05)! I love it when teens love real music over rap/hip-hop (which are noise)!
Sliver: The Best of the Box
<--This is what Sliver: Best of the Box looks like!
Viewer Jaime's photo--This was the last photo I got from 2005,  thanks, Jaime, wherever you are!
To Ricky (the host): "You SAID it was a ball...He (Krist) wouldn't wear his tux!"
Viewer Pulkit's photos--He's all the way from India!
Kurt Cobain
Viewer Maria's photo--She's from Estonia and has great taste in music!
Viewer Hannah's photos--She's from Germany, and she, too, has excellent taste in music! See also the 2 German websites that she recommends!
*Please note that the above was published back in February 2005...
This page ALONE had over 75,000 hits as of  Nov '05! It had 100K by March '06! 200K by Jan '07 330K Jan '11 360K in Aug '13!!*

Hey viewers!!! TKS here...I want to thank all of you for helping my site reach over 100,000 hits this past week (Week of 3/3/06)! My mother bought me this awesome magazine, and it ROCKS! Not only does it have cool NIRVANA stories (there are a lot!) but it also has other GRUNGE bands as well.
This magazine is called MOJO CLASSIC: (The ultimate collectors edition) NIRVANA & The Story of GrungeIncluded in the articles (other than Nirvana) are Alice in Chains' Layne Staley's drug addiction and coincidental death on the same day as Kurt's death exactly 8 years earlier. (You will find that statement on my first Final Farewells page next to Layne's entry!) You  will also find articles on Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney & Soundgarden . Articles bound to get your attention include: "15 Grunge Classics" (which lists the 15 albums/CDs that are recommended for every true fan of the genre), "10 Pre-Grunge Classics" (which have listed the tunes which were around before "Grunge" became a well-known form of cool music, but are still awesome enough to earn the title "Pre-Grunge"), and there are other awesome articles in here as if you live here in the states, as this is a magazine from England. The other magazine was also bought for me by my mother, about a month later on 4/8/06. (It is called a Special Memorial Issue by Guitar World.) It calls Kurt "The Last Rock Star!". (I couldn't agree more!) It was on sale in the USA until  May 22, 2006, but if you procrastinated, I'm sure you can find a copy online. Try the Ebay or Amazon links on this page.
Website 1:

Website 2: (Neat pics!):
Viewer Joost's photos He sent me these very cool photos from the Netherlands!
Kurt was asked before to describe Nirvana's sound. He said, "The Knack and The Bay City Rollers being molested by Black Flag and Black Sabbath."~Ozzy Osbourne hmself said that Nirvana's sound was "Hard Rock meets the Beatles."

Kurt (on Nirvana's sound): "We sound just like Cheap Trick, only our guitars are louder ."                                                                                               

Nirvana: Live! Tonight! Sold Out!--Awesome performances!  Hype! Featuring the first-ever performance of "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Also includes many early Grunge                                                                                                               bands. Includes an exclusive interview with Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. Band acts  include:                                                                                                            Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Melvins, 7 Year Bitch, Mono Men & songs  by Alice in Chains                                                                                                                

Teen Spirit: Tribute to Kurt Cobain--Not the "Typical Tribute" (just as this is not the typical tribute page)! Highly recommended! Also a must-own! It includes interviews with the band, commantaries from those who worked directly with Kurt, like photographers. (No, there is nobody crying in this tribute.) There are also comments from fans of the band

Viewer Iris' photos Here's yet a second viewer from the Netherlands who likes my site enough to share photos with everyone!
Viewer Iris quotes Kurt Cobain:

- "Just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not after you..."
            Kurt Cobain

- "We're called an alternative band, but we eat meat so I think we're disqualified..."
             Kurt Cobain about alternative rock (1991)

-"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."

-"I'm not well-read, but when I read, I read well."

-"I'm not a death rocker, and I don't wear black."

-"I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not."

-"I think people who glamorise drugs are fucking assholes and if there's hell they'll go there."

"I stared into his eyes and told him that I thought he was a respectable human. I did tell him straight out that I think his band still sucks." - on his encounter with Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder.

"I'm not gay, but I wish I was just to piss off the homophobes."

"If I went to jail, at least I wouldn't have to sign autographs."<--The ONLY time he was happy to sign an autograph was for a black fan, a boy, who liked them.

*Kurt Cobain was runner-up for Best Songwriter of 1994 in "Rolling Stone" magazine's annual critics' poll, and that he ranked 2nd*

These photos of Frances are courtesy of>
PLEASE NOTE: These are copyrighted by
Check out this compliment written about my page here: by .nevermind on 02-06-2005 @ 02:50:07 P:

"Kurt would've preferred their first single to be something that he wrote himself, not a cover song like Love Buzz, which Nirvana recorded because of Krist's love of the band. "(Shocking Blue)

^ from Everybody check this site out, because it's written wonderfully awesomely and shit. 


THANK YOU, nevermind!~TKS 4/5/06

(Kurt apparently did not care for The Who): "I hope I die before I turn into Pete Townshend..."

Kurt said of "Seasons in the Sun" (by Terry Jacks: "I cried to "Seasons in the Sun."  (Nirvana's cover is on With the Lights Out DVD...The last song.) He said that in his Journal.

Kurt (on his preference to cats): "Cats have a "Fuck You" attitude (towards humans).Dogs seem too  eager to please." (Mockingly)"Oh yes, master! I think you'rre an asshole, but I'm going to obey you anyway.."~Kurt Cobain (From About  a Son)

(Kurt on The Beatles) "I always wanted the admiration of John Lennon (but) the anonmity of Ringo Starr."
Viewer Skool Sux photos I know it sucks...I'm so glad I'm finished with it FOR GOOD! Thanks for the photos!
Um, ow?!
Viewer Frances' photos She's another young viewer from the UK, and she shares Kurt's daughter's name! Better still, she has a definite passion for the band!
Hey Nirvana fans!
TKS here with exciting news! Do you know what came out on Tuesday May 16, 2006? A Collector's Box of Nirvana! This is what it looks like:

Includes spoken word biography interviews and five free Nirvana photo postcards

7/21/13--Paul MCartney "joins" Nirvana!
*Dave said of the experience "Now I have come full circle."*
Viewer Joost shares this info with us:
Before settling on the name Nirvana they also played as;
Skid Row, Ted Ed Fred, Pen Cap Chew (same as the song on WTLO), Bliss, Throat Oyster, Windowpane
more info:
-the Sellouts was a CCR cover band!! it was Kurt, Chris & Steve Newman
-the Stiff Woodies was actually a side-project from the Melvins; Chris was the singer, other members could be Buzz Osborne, Matt Lukin, Dale Crover, Gary Cole and others like Kurt Cobain on drums (I think the line-up changed a lot)
-Chris also played bass in another side-project from the Melvins
-Chris played in a band together with Buzz Osborne (Melvins) and Mike Dillard (formerly of Melvins)
-Kurt did a audition to become a member of the Melvins, but he fucked it up
-The Members of Fecal Matter where Kurt Cobain, Dale Crover, Greg Hokanson, later Kurt rehearsed the Fecal Matter material with Buzz Osborne and Mike Dillard
-Kurt was in a band called Brown Towel (Brown Cow) with Buzz Osborne & Dale Crover
-ex members of Nirvana: Dale Crover, Danny Peters(Mudhoney), Aaron Burckhard, Dave Foster, Jason Everman
-There was a band Kurt and Chris where in after Fecal Matter; the other member was Bobby McFadden
Viewer Natalie's photos These were sent to me on Frances Bean's 14th birthday, 8/18/06! Thank you! These rock!
August 18 is your 14th birthday this year (2006), so happy birthday, Frances!
Nirvana & Frances Bean
First Viewer Karin's photos She's from Germany, and she promised me a lot of photos...she wasn't kidding! Thank you so much!
Is Kurt missing some teeth?
That was SO funny!
Kurt's still in bed...
NIRVANA:Dressed for Success
...if I get this picture one more time, I may do the same thing Kurt's doing...
This photo is fine but...
Christmas 1988: Brieann (Kurt's 1/2 sister), Kurt, Tracy (His girlfriend)
...ditto on anymore pool pictures!
Dave's in the money!
Looks like Frances needs her Daddy!
Natalie, you are cool!
A teenage Kurt plays guitar in his bedroom
-men forever-
-changed music!
These three-
Kurt was murdered!
Frances, you do know that your was not an American Idol,  but an American ICON?
Second Viewer Mike's photos This guy is very cool! He likes just about everything dealing with music that I like!
*TKS--9/9/06--Viewers please note: I had to shrink a lot of photos that were sent to me due to space limitations and no other reason!* I appreciate everything that you  all give me, but please, NO MORE DUPLICATES! Thank you...

I found some tidbits that I would like to add, but, because of space-restrictions, I can only add them here. Here we go:
-Michael Stipe (REM) is Frances Bean's godfather-
-"Territorial Pissings" was covered by Ill Nino-Dave Grohl's studio for Foo Fighters recordings has a pinball machine previously owned by Krist

"Lithium" was covered by Duran Duran-Kurt did NOT care for the Who, or, believe it or not, the Doors -        On a tour bus, Kurt once requested to listen to ABBA

-Tori Amos covered "Smells Like Teen Spirit --It is off her CD Crucify-"Come As You Are" went to #3 in 1992; it was also covered by No Doubt

-"Smells Like Teen Spirit" was covered by Patti Smith ; It is off of her CD Twelve-"Smells Like Teen Spirit" went to #9 in 1991; ""Heart-Shaped Box" went to #1 in 1993

-The Red Hot Chilli Peppers mention Kurt in their song "Californication" ...and Cobain can you hear you hear the spheres singing songs off station to station?

*The RHCP's Anthony K does a great impersonation of Kurt Cobain in the video for Dani California! (The "Unplugged in NY "setting)

*The original version of David Bowie's The Man Who Sold the World was released in April 1971-.Kurt's favorite song that he himself wrote was "Breed".;OTEP covered it in '07

-Kurt drove a Volvo; Had Frances been a boy, her name would have been Eugene (also after the Vaselines, as she was)

-Dave Grohl played on SNL w/Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers on Nov 11, 1994 (He had already begun the Foo Fighters  when a demo tape of him playing every instrument  began to circulate a month or two earlier; He had politely decined to become a full-trime "Heartbreaker".)

-All of The Foo Fighters' CDs In Your Honor ,One by One and There is Nothing Left to Lose were recorded at Dave's house in Springfield, VA.

-When growing up, Dave Grohl used to listen to DC101...Check out the link on  this page

-Nirvana personally asked the Buzzcocks to perform at what turned out to be their last perfomance in 1994. (That's  Nirvana's last performance, NOT the Buzzcocks'!)

-Speaking of which, their last performance was on Jan 7, 1994 at the Seattle Center Arena

-Jerry Casale from DEVO directed with the the Foo Fighters '  "I'll Stick Around" video.

-Dave was asked on Foo Fighters: Naked, if he would have stayed with Nirvana had the situation with Kurt not occurred: He answered: "That's a very good question; I'm not answering that."
If YOU have any tidbits that you would like me to add, please email me! ~Thanks!~TKS 6/24/07

Check out these photos courtesy of pullshit. (Click on above to see.)
Viewer Sani's photos She's  all the way from Georgia (the country, NOT the state) and she sent me these UNIQUE pics! Thanks!
Apparently, I have a few sick viewers who ask  whether or not Kurt Cobain abused animals...Look at Viewer Jenny's photo, and tell me what Kurt's doing to the cat...I don't see any abuse! Even after I've said time and time again that this page does not focus on Kurt's death, I've been getting the most vile requests for photos...How vile, you ask? Well, let's see...(These are some keywords):kurt cobain suicide pictures rotten, kurt cobain death body pic, and Did Kurt Cobain abuse animals? And they call themselves "fans"? Kurt wrote a song for these people: "In Bloom"
To the people who use these vile keywords, all I have to say to you is that it is an insult to Kurt's memory! I'm not saying those are the only keywords that people have used; those are just the disgusting, vile ones...  I prefer the less-gruesome keywords such as: kurt cobain "half sister", "kurt cobain" "smells like nirvana" "weird al & kurt cobain, " etc...Click on "In Bloom" to hear it...Pictured to below is Kurt with his kitten, Spina Bifida
You fellow fans might be interested to know that Frances herself  emailed me on 10/26/06!  In her email, she writes that "someone sent me to your site saying u were a big fan of my dad..."

Check out the site here for evidence that Kurt may have been murdered! This is the ONLY time I've ever brought this subject up on this page, but it is AGAINST the suicide ruling! (Scroll dowm to the Unsolved Mysteries segment (very important)and have your volume ON!)

Here are some excerpts from Courtney Love: In Her Own Words (from her diary):

Page 146: "To Kitty Cobain — let's be mountain junkies and breed satanic mall rats."

Page 185: "Frances grounds me ... Someday I hope to make her so proud and so happy."

Both excerpts from "Dirty Blonde: The Diaries of Courtney Love," published by Faber and Faber, an affiliate of Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Copyright (c) 2006 by Courtney Love.

TKS here...It is true! Frances Bean Cobain really is a fellow viewer to my webpage!

Thank you to whoever the "someone" was that told her about my Nirvana page!

According to Rolling Stone, Nirvana's Bleach returned as a deluxe re-issue on November 3, 2009!

Due to the death of the Knank's lead singer (Doug Fieger), I will make Nirvana's cover of "My Sharona" available if you would like to upload it, you can do so here

Singles Box Set  (Click here for details.)

*BEFORE KURT DIED, Michael Stipe and he were talking about doing a colobration!

TKS's Frances photos
Check out this compliment (at least she gave my site credit)!

Here's yet, another compliment:

i sended the pic to
great nirvana site:)
From: [user]kurtrip[/user] said:
i know the best:)<---Thanks from TKS!

Click above to see Second Viewer Karin's 1st , 6th through 10th slideshows of Kurt & Nirvana!

This happened to be in Jan/Feb 2007 edition of AARP...
Look  who's next to 20s!


Click above to see Second Viewer Karin's 2nd, 3rd, 6th & 7th slideshows!
Click below to see Second Viewer Karin's 4th & 5th slideshows !
Viewer Loreto's photo A teenage Kurt, I like it a lot, thanks!

Viewer Pilu's "Little Kurt" photo. Very cute. I like it a lot! Thanks much!
Second Viewer Karin's photos First, she sends me 5 awesome slideshows, and now she has neat photos to share! She is truly a Nirvana fan! Thanks!
If YOU would like a print-out of this. email me!
Viewer Sara's photos I like these...thank you!
Viewer PiLu told me about the film that Courtney Love is releasing--Dirty Blonde--(Click for review) Above is the Teen Spirit deorderant that Pilu uses
TKS's awesome 25th birthday present! I got a Kurt Cobain action figure from my friend Caroline! (I got a second one from my friend Chrissie (below). *I'm sorry to report Caroline has since passed away* (in May 2012, I  donated some of my  hair in her memory)
The Icon of Modern Rock is Immoralized based on the his appearance in the 1991 breakthrough video "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

This stunninly detailed action figurre of Kurt Cobain comes with his Fender Mustang guitar and a display base.

The End of Music, LLC 2006

Based on his appearance in the "Unplugged in New York" special, recorded live at Sony Studios on November 18, 1993.

This stipped down perfomance revealed the  depth of Cobain's songwriting along with his broad musical interests.

This stunningly detailed action figure of Kurt Cobain comes completed with his acoustic guitar, microphone
and music srand.

The End of Music, LLC 2006
Thank you, Caroline! You will be greatly missed...
Thanks, Caroline! You will be greatly missed...
Thank you, Chrissie!
Thanks, Chrissie!
Click here to see Kurt Cobain's 40th Birthday, courtesy of YouTube!--Thanks to Pilu for showing this to me! (She also is the viewer who sent me the 2007 pic of Frances & Courtney!)
Here it is, courtesy of Viewer PiLu, the pic of Frances & Courtney, taken in 2007!

NOW you can play "In Bloom" as many times as you like! See more of her photos below! Further below are pages from Courtney Love's Dirty Blonde, sent to me from PiLu!

Pre-felon Paris Hilton and Frances... as well
Courtney and Frances...
...Frances and Courtney...
...and Frances by herself...Thanks Pilu!
From "Dirty Blonde"...interesting drawings!
Also from "Dirty Blonde; Courtney and Kurt playing guitar together
Top: Courtney's class Gr K or 1st Gr Below: Courtney as a child in 1972
Baby Frances, Kurt and Courtney--Thanks again, Pilu!
Hole in B&W and in color (including "little Courtney" on the right-sided page; marked "ALL"--Also Hole on SNL
How did this man...
...end up with this woman?
As I near the end of my page, I can think of no better way to end it than to tell all my loyal viewers what ever happened to the "king asshole" who tormented me in high school.*

Well, one day the "ringleader" (who I refer to as "Skinhead") was bothering me about Kurt until I just snapped. He was saying, "Kurt Cobain! Kurt Cobain!" while he was sticking his index finger in his mouth. This was not the right day to mess with me, as he soon found out...after I  pushed him into a locker! I yelled, "ENOUGH!" when I shoved him hard into that locker. All he had to say to that was, "Uh, uh, uh, muh, muh, muh, etc...(Other incomprehensible mumbling)

Oh, yeah, that was also the last time he bothered me about Kurt!
Viewer PiLu tells me that Ewan McGregor might play Kurt in a movie...I know nothing of it.

Here's another photo sent by Viewer PiLu; Frances Bean's only Christmas with her father.
Dave & Jordyn after annoucing the birth of daughter Violet Maye in 2006
Thank you, Dagmar! (right)
Here is one of my viewers (on the right) dressed up as Courtney Love (her  best friend, Aimee, is as Kurt)

Kurt's influences: Black Sabbath, Black Flag/Henry Rollins, ,Dead Kennedys,DEVO, Vaselines, Cheap Trick, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, The Clash, Melvins, Ramones, Credence Clearwater Rival (CCR), Aerosmith, The Pixies, Killing Joke (who sued Nirvana because Nirvana's song  "Come As You Are" sounded too smilar to KJ's  "Eighties"...I  have heard both songs, and, yes, they sound similar, but is that any reason to sue?) KJ should have taken that as a compliment! *ALL* ARTISTS WHO SUE FOR THAT REASON SHOULD GET A FRICKING LIFE!!! Queen, Butthole Surfrers, Beatles/John Lennon, Neil Young, David Bowie, Mudhoney, Judas Priest, Iggy Pop/Stooges, REM, Joy Division, Leadbelly, Germs (Pat Smear later went on to join both Nirvana and Foo Fighters) , Metallica
Read a list of 50 artists here who had an influence on Kurt
Krist's influences: Shocking Blue, Metallica, The Knack (He had argeed with Dave for remarking that 'My Sharona' had changed  his life.), The Pixies

Dave's influences: Beatles, Gerry Rafferty, The Knack, (Dave had said 'My Sharona,' what is that? But it changed my life... ) DEVO (Jerry C from DEVO directed the "I'll Stick Around"  video by the FF's), Edgar  Winter (He said his first album was Winter's Frankenstein), AC/DC, The Pixies, Sisters of Mercy, Moterhead, (When Dave played drums at the 2010 Revolver Awards, he later said "Meeting Lemmy, to me, was like meeting Paul McCartney") Ramones, Stone Roses, Deep Purple, The Who, Little Richard, Tom Petty, The Beatles, Slayer, Alice Cooper

Michael Stipe, Anthony Kiedis, Wes Scantlin, Chris Robinson, Scott Weiland, Shaun Morgan
Otep Shamaya, Joan Jett, Patti Smith

*I have a friend who attended the  same high school as Dave Grohl, West Springfield High in VA!*
More Frances photos from Viewer PiLu

Frances is on the right side in the photos (Like her father, she's gone red!)Frances has come a long way since this
Click here to listen to hear some of the Foo Fighters' songs.
(Click above to hear.)
In time for his 41st birthday...The Kurt Cobain biopic "About a Son" (Thanks, PiLu!)
From the insert of LITHIUM-the real first photo of Frances Bean-in the womb
Frances 2008 Photos (Courtesy of Viewer PiLu)
Frances and Courtney
Frances and Courtney--red coat
Frances--blue dress
Click photo to go to Frances' own site!
Frances--Smells like...
Frances--Orange shoes
Katie Roem ('00) graduated from George Mason University in 2006 , and she worked  as a data entry clerk. She thought she had MS, but she was misdiaganosed, and actually suffers from APS,  a rare disease affecting coordination. In her  spare time, she updates her website; her Nirvana page  has well over a quater million hits.
Here is what is perceived by most to be true:
(For 4/8 events) "In 1994, Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain, 27, was found dead in his Seattle home of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. "

This is, as pointed out on Jusice For Kurt, alleged. It makes me so angry that people just assume that it was a suicide without getting FACTS!

The link says the same thing.
Viewer Marta's pics--She's  from Italy! (The first 2 are of Kurt as Barney, then drawings done by Kurt and regular pics)

Viewer Martina's quote on Kurt: You stay in our heart for a long time...we will never forget you.
Kurt "driving" at 5 months (wit his dad, Don)
Kurt and Courtney's real heart-shaped box
Rare Kurt photos
(All courstesy of Charles R. Cross)
Author William S Borroughs and Kurt
Kurt in bed in '93
I'm a sucker for any pic of Kurtn and a kitten! (Her name was Spina Bifida
Kurt got an easel in 1975
Kurt in Japan
Kurt and Spina Bifida, his kitten
Kurt Cobain "driving" at 5 months old
Courrtesy of viewer Petros (more below where indicated)
Viewer  Peter's (Petros) photos
I came across this shirt  while in Key West in Aug '10
This is from the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video
On Jan 5 (11), this number was  333,111!

Frances 2011 (All courtesy of
Read about NEVERMIND at 20
One of my viewers now has a permanent tribute to Kurt!
On 3/31/13, this number was 365,214! (Days in a year & my birthday)
Pat Smear remembers Kurt Cobain  Frances photos below (Click to see Pat's tribute to Kurt, as well as some photos)
Courtney and Frances have at odds ever since Courtney said something that had to offend Frances
Before they got into the R&R Hall of Fame, Rolling Stone did a tribute to Nirvana
Before they got into the R&R Hall of Fame, Rolling Stone magazine did a tribute to Nirvana!
Get your copy before May 15, 2014!
What is with the dispute with Frances and Courtney?
It all started on Twitter on April 12, 2012 when Courtney accused Dave Grohl of hitting on then 19-year-old Frances. In response, Frances had this to say:  "While I'm generally silent on the affairs of my biological mother, her recent tirade has taken a gross turn." (They are said to have made up on Courtney's 50th birthday on 7/9/14.)
If you think that's disturbing, check this out.
Viewer James' photos--First pics for 2014!
Kurt passed on 9-9-14 at age 17
*"Montage of Heck": To be released November 13,  2015*

George Michael