Dave's Movies

1. High Stakes (1986)--Bo Baker

2. Three Men and a Baby (1987)--Grocery Store Clerk

3. It's Pat (1994)--Chris

4. Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (1996)--Marv, Psychiatrist, New Guy,                                                                       Raymond Hurdicure
5. Hacks (1997)--Neal

6. The Wrong Guy (1998)--Nelson Hibbert

7. A Bug's Life (1998)--voice of Flik

8. Blast From the Past (1999)--Troy

9. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (1999)--voice of the Baldwin Brothers

10. Dick (1999)--Bob Haldeman

11. Toy Story 2 (1999)--voice of Flik

12. It's Tough to be a Bug (1999)--voice of Flik

13. CyberWorld (2000)--voice of Hank

14. Monkey Bone (2001)--Herb

15. On the L (2001)--Higgins

16. Run, Ronnie, Run (2001)--TV Executive

17. Stark Raving Mad (2002)--Roy

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My Kids in the Hall page

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The Kids in the Hall (Left to Right): Dave Foley, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson, Bruce McCulloch, and Kevin McDonald
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The Kids themselves---short bios
David Scott Foley, the youngest Kid, was born on January 4, 1963 in Etobicoke, a suburb in Toronto, Canada.  He dropped out of high school at 17 to pursue a career in comedy.  He met future Kids in the Hall member Kevin McDonald after joining the Second City Comedy Troupe in Toronto.  The two were the founding members of KITH in 1984.  After the show ended in 1994, Dave went on to the television series "NewsRadio," which ran from 1995-1999.
Bruce Ian McCulloch was born on May 12, 1961 in Edmonton,  Alberta, Canada and was raised in Calgary.  He went to Mount Royal College where he studied journalism and public relations.  While at the Loose Moose Theater Company, he met future KITH member Mark McKinney during Theater Sports.  Bruce worked as a writer on Saturday Night Live from 1985-86 and 1994-95.  He is the shortest member of the Kids in the Hall at 5' 6". (Though in one episode, he said he thought he was 5' 7".)  In 1995, he released an album called "Shame Based Man."  (see below) He in March 2003, he married his girlfriend Tracy.
Kevin Hamilton McDonald was born on May 16, 1961 (exactly 4 days after Bruce) in Montreal, Quebec.  He studied to become a drama major at Humber College in Toronto, but was asked to leave because he "only" did comedy.  While doing an improvisation class and working at the Second City Comedy Troupe in Toronto, he met Dave Foley and the two formed the Kids in the Hall in 1984. Kevin has made guest appearances on several shows since the Kids in the Hall ended, including NewsRadio and the Drew Carey Show. He was also a writer for the Martin Short Show (1999-2000).
Mark Douglas Brown McKinney was born June 26, 1959 in Ottawa, Canada.  He has lived in Trinidad, Tobago, Washington, DC and Paris.  He went to college in Newfoundland and met Bruce McCulloch during Theater Sports.  After the Kids in the Hall ended its run, Mark went on to do two seasons of Saturday Night Live from 1995-96 and 1996-97, though he was poorly used.  He has been featured in some SNL-related films such as "Superstar" and "A Night at the Roxbury."
Scott Thompson, the openly gay Kid, was born on June 12, 1959 (making him the oldest Kid by 14 days, followed by Mark) in North Bay, Ontario and he was raised in Brampton.  He attended York University Drama School, but was asked to leave during his third year for "disruptive behavior." He first became interested in sketch comedy after seeing the Kids in the Hall perform at the Poor Alex Theater in Toronto in 1984 while the troupe still had 7 or 8 members at the time.  The Kids saw Scott perform at Theater Sports and he became a member of the troupe in 1985.  He was the last member to join and the line up of the five Kids was finally complete. 
Random Kids in the Hall Stuff
Shame Based Man by Bruce McCulloch
This picture is from the back of the CD, which contains 20 songs.  The songs are:

1. grade 8                      8. lift me up                     15. that's america
2. stalking                      9. our love                       16. baby jesus (radio)
3. al miller                     10. not happy                   17. eraserhead
4. heroin pig                  11. answering machine      18. vigil
5. 40 housewives           12. daddy's on the drink     19. when you're fat
6. doors                        13. he said, she said         20. lonely people
7. acid radio                  14. daves i know

You can hear bits of this CD at CDnow.com.  Just go there and search for Bruce McCulloch.
Kurt Cobain and the Kids in the Hall
Scott is mentioned in Kurt Cobain's 12/7/93 letter to Advocate Readers:
"Hi to Scott from the Kids in the Hall.  Speaking of Canadians the Advocate should talk with Bruce La Bruce.  He's made some hilarious erotic films." --~Kurt Cobain
*Connection between Bruce La Bruce and Kids in the Hall: Scott appeared as Buddy in the Bruce film Super 8 1/2. *

While the Kids were on tour in 1994, they ended up in Seattle on the day of Kurt's vigil.  According to Scott Thompson, some people from Kurt's management came up to the troupe and said, "We know you were fans and Kurt spoke about you a number of times and we want you to have this photo (of Kurt as a child)." The photo of Kurt is shown in the final episode of the Kids in the Hall on top of the bar in the last Buddy Cole skit. In a summary of Scott's conversation with Gary Morris about Kurt Cobain. Scott says in the interview that "meeting Kurt Cobain was truly one of the highlights."

The Advocate excerpt is from Lalaine's Kids in the Hall Collection

The 18th track Vigil on Bruce McCulloch's Shame Based Man CD mentions Kurt's name twice and is about his time in Seattle the day of the vigil.
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Bruce's Movies

1. Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (1996)--Alice, Cisco, Grivo,                                             Worm Pill Scientist, Cop #2,                                           Cancer Boy, White Trash Man
2. Dog Park (1998)--Jeff

3. Dick (1999)--Carl Bernstein

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The Kids' Individual Movies

Kevin's Movies

1. Zandalee (1991)--Drug Dealer

2. Senior Trip (1995)--Travis Lindsey

3. Saving Souls (1995)--Featured Church Follower

4. Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (1996)--Dr. Chris Cooper,                                                        Doreen, Chris' Dad, Lacey
5. The Wrong Guy (1998)--Motel Manager

6. Boy Meets Girl (1998)--Jack

7. The Godson (1998)--Guppy Calzone

8. Galaxy Quest (1999)--Announcer

9. Dinner at Fred's (1999)--Fred

10. The Ladies Man (2000)--Mail Man

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Mark's Movies

1. The Passion of John Ruskin (1994)--John Ruskin

2. Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (1996)--Simon, Don Roritor, Cabbie,                                           Gunther, Cop #1, Nina Bedford, Melanie,                                                Drill Sargeant, White Trash Woman
3. Spice World (1997)--Graydon

4. The Last Days of Disco (1998)--Rex

5. Dog Park (1998)--Dog Psychologist

6. A Night at the Roxbury (1998)--Father Williams

7. The Out of Towners (1999)--Greg

8. New Waterford Girl (1999)--Doctor Hogan

9. Superstar (1999)--Father Ritley

10. Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang (1999)--Mr. Fish

11. The Ladies Man (2000)--Mr. White

Check out Mark McKinney's work here
Scott's Movies

1. Head Office (1986)--Extra--Man Outside Office Building

2. Millennium (1989)--Controller

3. Super 8 1/2 (1993)--Buddy Cole

4. Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (1996)--Baxter, Mrs. Hurdicure,                        Wally Ternizsky, Malek, Big Stummies Scientist,                        The Queen, Raj, Clemptor

5. Hijacking Hollywood (1997)--Russell

6. Mickey Blue Eyes (1999)--FBI Agent Lewis

7. Run, Ronnie, Run (2001)--Himself

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Scott, Dave, and Bruce during a waiters sketch---Mr. Huggala (played by Dave)
The Kids' Quotes
Bruce: The only thing worse than having a job is looking for one.

Dave: We've discovered the cause of cancer.
Bruce: I'm sorry I caused all that cancer.

Dave: It's still too soon to say, but I might not be stupid.

Scott: I guess now we're behind schedule.
Bruce: No we're not. I pencilled in a family blowout.

Kevin: I'll get you the ring later.

Mark: I'm crushing your head! That's what I'm doing! Flathead!

Bruce: He died on him! He died right on him! He died right on his own twin brother!
Mark: You know they left the world 7 seconds apart. Isn't that the same way they came in?

Kevin: What were you thinking about?
Mark: Oh, you know, just listening to the band.
Kevin: Listening to what band?
Mark: Oh, you know, when you drift away, when you daydream, you always see the tiny little                      Oompah Band.

Mark: This is fantastic! A whole world of imagination beyond the Oompah Band!

Mark: As I recall, there was nobody home!
Kevin: There's nobody home!
Mark: You know, if we do this for a month, we live here rent free!

Dave: Something you might not know about me is that I have a good attitude toward menstration.

Dave: Why, is that pie I smell?
Bruce: No! It's the smell of my daddy dying!

Dave: So, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Bruce: Oh, maybe a doctor like you, or a corpse, uh, I mean a farmer like my daddy.

Mark: I see no other alternative than to issue a restraining order which means that Mr. Underwood                cannot come within 500 feet of himself.

Bruce: Here's the plan: First, I'm going to kick your ass, then I'm going to kick the asses of your                   friends in alphabetical order.
Kevin: So he's gonna need some names.

Dave: We've been coming here for fifty years and performing anal probes and all we've learned is                  that 1 in 10 doesn't really seem to mind.
Kevin: Well, do you have a better plan than our great leader's?
Dave: Yes, I do. I do have a better plan. My plan is that we don't travel 250,000 light years, we don't                  abduct any humans, and--this is the best part--we don't do any anal probing.

Scott: What do I look like, the Grinch who stole Christmas?

Scott: Hello? Police? Yeah, I'd like to report a nude woman at the 7-11 in about 15 minutes.

Bruce: I'm a vegetarian.
Scott: He only eats Lucky Charms and beer.

Scott: I won't fry anything. I'm too angry to fry.

Scott: Technically, it isn't really adultry. He is a beaver, after all.

Bruce: If William Shakespeare were alive today, he wouldn't be writing plays. He'd be writing                         answering machine messages.

Scott: You know how I hate to gossip.
Bruce: And you you know how I hate to listen.
Scott: Well, there's gossip, then there's common knowledge.
Bruce: Well, it will be once you tell me.

Bruce: Tell me, are you drunk because you're stupid, or are you stupid because you're drunk?

Bruce: Why did you marry your husband?
Scott: Well, I marry him for Canadian citizenship. In my circle, is very chic. Besides, I get to study               woodland animal. I like the beaver, but the wolverine is my favorite...only one who kill for                     pleasure!
Bruce: So, you're admitting you didn't marry your husband for love?
Scott: No, of course not!
Bruce: If he knew that, why do you think he married you?
Scott: I told him to.
Kevin: Happiest day of my life.

Dave: Now, Gavin, do you believe that if you were to inflate a dog with helium that you could float it              on the end of a string?
Bruce: I do.

Mark: Macaroni, and catsup, and tapeworm food!
Bruce: Man, we're set for life!

Bruce and Mark: We're Nutty Bunnies!
Bruce: I'm Nutty Bunny Number One, I like to frolic in the sun.
Mark: I'm Nutty Bunny Number Two, I love me, and I love you.
Kevin: I'm Nutty Bunny Number Three, the cutest bunny is always me.

Bruce: Apparently, we're not Nutty Bunnies after all, we're just college guys.

Scott: Andrew Dice Clay is phonier than Milli Vanilli.

Bruce: I'm not unreasonable! I'm a Nutty Bunny! I don't like to complain, I like to frolic!

Scott: You are from United States, no?
Dave: Um, no, I'm Canadian actually. It's like an American, but without a gun.

Bruce: The only name that suited him (Bruce's dog) was "Small Mammal with whom I Live a Lie."

Bruce: As long as I live, I shall never forget the night I connected with my dog.

Mark: Who would want to steal my bike?
Bruce: Thieves!

Kevin: Geez! It's the fricking Village People!

Scott: What would you call someone who flew around the world performing oral sex on men for free?
Kevin: An angel!

Dave: Wait a minute! Are you trying to do my husband?
Scott: Well, I prefer to call it "sexual healing."

Dave: Are a lot of angels gay?
Scott: Well, let's just say that a lot of us used to be waiters.

Bruce: Should I call you "Evan," or do you have a different name?
Kevin: My name is Don.
Bruce: Really? I had a friend named Don once. I saved his life.
Kevin: (Pauses) Thank you?
Bruce: Don't mention it.

Bruce: Dad, I have some bad news for you.
Kevin: Yeah?
Bruce: You're not going to Heaven.
Kevin: Surprise, surprise.

Bruce: I think of it (Jazz) as musical barf.

Dave: You don't know the meaning of hell 'til you've dealt with the Tokyo police, pal!

Mark: Get your hands off my family!

Kevin: How do I look? How do I look?
Dave: Ungodly!

Mark: You know, sometimes I think you like that back more than you like me!
Bruce: But baby, it's my back! I can't walk without it!

Mark: What do you think, Shawny? Do you like it (pink hair)?
Kevin: There's so much evil in the world!

Mark: I speak English very okay.

Dave: Well, it's been great running into you. Go away now.

Bruce: To err is human, to spread for me--divine!

Bruce: A guy's gotta get shot in the head to get laid now-a-days!

Kevin: I'm not going nowhere!
Mark: Ha! Moron! Moron! "Not going nowhere" is a double negative, which means you're  going somewhere! Ha!

Kevin: Coulda been worse. Coulda used to be smart.

Scott: Sir, I'm going to need your full undivided attention.
Bruce: Sure, as long as I can also watch TV at the same time.

Scott: Paul Lynde, what a genius!

Scott: Let's say grace...let us bow our heads...Dear Uncle Paul...
(A portrait of Paul Lynde is shown above the table) ...Help us to always maintain the standards
of Center Square
-The Kids themselves--short bios

-Random KITH stuff

-The Kids' Individual Movies

-Kids' Quotes

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It's a Brucio World
Bruce as Gavin

This was it...the very last KITH skit
1 of these 5 men has something interesting to say
It's a Fact:
-Dave Foley's sister is featured in the "Double Date" sketch
-The "Headcrusher" idea came from a real life double date where Mark and Kevin's dates didn't like them, so Mark started "crushing        their heads." Kevin suggested that Mark bring that into a sketch, saying that "every college kid in America would be doing it."
-Bruce is the only one of the Troupe who has never permanently resided in America
-Bruce directed Superstar and Dog Park, both of which Mark is in
-Mark says his favorite role of all his movies is the dog psychologist from Dog Park
-None of them got along with their fathers
-Kevin's real-life girlfriend plays Kevin's girlfriend in the sketch where he and Dave party across America while the women are in Mexico
-Dave's lack of roles in Brain Candy were due to his time consumption with NewsRadio. He didn't have any writing credits in Brain Candy
-Bruce liked The Who when he was growing up, not The Doors
-Scott's being in the Troupe is the only reason that the Kids did any "gay" sketches
-All of them have been in movies with one other member of the Troupe: Bruce and Mark were in Dog Park; Dave and Bruce were in Dick;  Kevin and Mark were in The Ladies Man; Dave and Kevin were in The Wrong Guy; Dave and Scott were in Run, Ronnie, Run
-Brain Candy is dedicated to Scott's brother Dean, who committed suicide two weeks before Brain Candy began filming
-Kevin also had a rough period during the production of Brain Candy--he was going through a divorce

The Kids in the Hall on the cover of Now
Download the Sounds of Gavin
One of my favorite re-occuring characters is Gavin, a young kid, played by Bruce McCulloch. Below are a few of his many sayings. Just click and download!

--Gavin's Hampster                                                       --Gavin's Family       

--Gavin's Fridge                                                             --The Value of Gavin's Head

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  Final Farewells

Three's Company

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Paul Lynde
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