I Dream of Jeannie
1. Barbara Eden
as Jeannie
2. Larry Hagman
as Major Nelson
3. Bill Daily
as Major Healy
4. Hayden Rorke
as Dr. Bellows

TonyKurtSandy dreams of Jeannie
Hello, Master! Your wish will soon be granted; Jeannie will be on Antenna TV in Nov 4, 2013!
I'm sorry, master. Have I displeased you?
How am I ever going to explain THIS to Dr. Bellows?!
No fair! How come YOU get a genie and I don't?
Gen. Peterson, Maj. Nelson baffles me. So does Maj. Healy!
1. Born Barbara Jean Moorhead on August 23, 1934 in Tucson, AZ

2. Born September 21, 1931 in Fort Worth, TX
--Died November 23, 2012 in Dallas

3. Born August 30, 1928 in Des Moines, Iowa

4. Born October 23, 1910 in Brooklyn, NY
---Died August 19, 1987 in Toluca Lake, CA

Character Descriptions:
1. Jeannie-Main female character. Has been trapped in the bottle (since she was a young girl) by the Evil Blue Djinn for 2000 years until Maj. Nelson landed on the deserted island where he found her bottle

2. Captain/Major Anthony (Tony) Nelson-Main male character. Found Jeannie's bottle after his space capsule had to make an emergency landing on a seemingly deserted island (he is an astronaut). Has regretted finding the bottle many times

3. Captain/Major Roger Healy-Tony's greedy best friend. He was unaware about Jeannie for the first 12 episodes or so, then met her by accident by the library. He fainted when he finally found out what she was (ep.#17)...he quickly got over that, stole the bottle, and put Jeannie to work. Dr. Bellows feels he is often involved with Tony's strange behavior. (HE was the one who found out that Jeannie was born on April 1, in the year 64BC when she wanted to know the exact date and day of her birth.)

4. Dr. Bellows--The psychiatrist at NASA who can never seem to figure out Major Nelson or Major Healy. He has a list of over 100 things wrong with either Tony himself or his house. He never realizes that Tony has a genie living with him (With the exception of the dream sequence in Hurricane Jeannie)

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How did someone like me get into a show like this? I think I just tried watching it one day, and I really  thought it was a funny show. I thought the chemistry between the characters was both strong and caring. I can't remember the exact date I started watching it, but I don't remember when I started watching most of the other TV shows on this site, either. I do know it was sometime around June or July 2003. After I started watching this show, I realized how many references have been made to it as I was growing up. For instance, there was a girl in one of my day camps who always folded her arms and blinked whenever she wanted something to happen. Until this year when I first saw Jeannie, I thought the girl was just doing this because she was trying to be her own genie. (I hadn't ever seen I Dream of Jeannie at this point.) Later on this year, I again noticed another friend of mine had been referring to Jeannie in her journal entries. She usually started them off with something like, "Hello, Master..."

Here's some facts about the cast members (both pictured and not):
-Emmaline Henry (Mrs. Bellows) guest starred in two episodes of Three's Company
(The episodes were "Chrissy's New Boss" and "The Catered Affair")
-Larry Hagman's daughter, Heidi, was in two episodes of Archie Bunker's Place playing "Linda the waitress" in Archie Alone parts 1 & 2
-Like Heidi, Barbara Eden had also made guest appearances on Larry Hagman's post-Jeannie series--Dallas
-Larry Hagman and Carroll O'Connor worked together on O'Connor's later series In the Heat of the Night (Hagman as the director, O'Connor as the lead actor)
-Barbara Eden and Bill Daily have both been active with TVLand events
-Butch Patrick (Eddie from The Munsters) made a guest appearance as Dr. Bellows' juvenille nephew in the episode Jeannie Writes a Book
Before his role as Major Healy on I Dream of Jeannie, Bill Daily guest-starred on another super-natural sitcom; Bewitched, on which he played Mr. Johnson--a married man interested in adopting a boy named Michael
-Here's another similarity between I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched: Notice how the copyright never changes on Jeannie after 1966 (though it ran until 1970) and never changed on Bewitched after 1969 (though that ran until 1972)
-In yet, another part on Dallas, former Three's Company blonde, Jenilee Harrison went on to star in Dallas from 1984-1987. Her role as "Jamie Ewing" garnered her a Soap Opera Digest nomination for Best New Actress in a Prime Time Series.
-Farrah Fawcett guest starred in two episodes of Jeannie:
-asTina in "My Sister the Homewrecker and Cindy in "See You in C-U-B-A!"
-Before playing Amanda Bellows, Emmaline Henry was in the episode Is There an Extra Jeannie in the House? in which she played Myrt. (Her partner Arnie was Bernard Fox, Dr. Bombay from Bewitched)
Here's a fun little fact: I've said several times that my favorite shows on TVLand are I Dream of Jeannie and MacGyver, right? Hear this: Both shows had exactly 139 different episodes, but the real finales were not 139! (I think the MacGyver finale should have been 138 when he is reunited with his son. The Jeannie finale should have been 137 (Hurricane Jeannie) when Tony admits to Dr. Bellows that he has been living with a genie. As much as I like Jeannie, I really don't like 139 (My Master the Chill King).

What does Jeannie do to irritate Major Nelson? She seems to try very hard to please him.
There's the answer right there: She tries too hard. I'll list some examples:

-He had bad vision, so Jeannie improved his vision so greatly, Maj. Nelson ended up seeing through the wall
-During a survival mission in which he was not to receive any help, Jeannie fed him so much, he gained weight
-He wished to see how pirates lived, so Jeannie blinked him aboard Captain Kidd's ship
-Jeannie brought wine to the Bellows' house and both Dr. and Mrs. Bellows disappeared after drinking it
-She turned Roger into a miniature poodle for fixing Tony up on a date with Miss Universe
-When she dated Roger, she blinked up a house to impress him--on a vacant lot Dr. Bellows had purchased
-Tony had amnesia, so instead of trying to revive him, she tried to get him to marry her. He would've done so if Roger didn't try to stop him. Roger, in turn, got blinked to the South Pole, Amazon Jungle, & 20,000 leagues under the sea trying to stop Jeannie from taking advantage of Tony's condition. (He had to explain how he got frostbite in summer, wounds from a Pigme tribe in Florida, and the bens on dry land to Dr. Bellows)
-She felt Tony wasn't taking adventage of her powers, so she said she would give him the biggest thing he could think of. He instantly thought of an elephant. Right at that moment, Dr. Bellows, with his perfect timing walked in
-She didn't want Tony to go out on a date with his old girlfriend, Joan, so she put him in a jail cell--in the middle of his living room. Roger walked in soon after, and Dr. Bellows soon followed. He didn't care for any explainations this time
-Jeannie was anixous to know her birthday, but when Roger failed to tell her, she assumed that Tony lied to her and turned him into a donkey, a fish, and then a sheep--in that order, giving him little time to explain that he and Roger really DID find out when she was born...April 1, 64, BC
-She was angry at Tony for trying to trick her (he pretended he had been promoted to General so Jeannie would go home), so she gave him Sargent stripes when she finally left him for good (but not permanently)

**If you, yes, YOU can think of anymore that I can add, please email me!

Explanations...This is not going to work like most lists, but just enjoy it anyway:

Major Nelson's explanations to Dr. Bellows:
Here is the #1 explanation Tony always gives Dr. Bellows:
-Roger and I were conducting an experiment
-(Worst explanation)...It was just a joke
Continuing with the explanations...
-(Explaning who Jeannie is)...She's just your average, everyday housekeeper

Sidney Sheldon
February 11, 1917--January 31, 2007
I Dream of Jeannie's producer, Sidney Sheldon, also creditted as Christopher Golato, died on January 31, 2007 from pneumonia. He would have been 90, had he lived 11 more days.

In addition to being  a TV writer & producer, he also wrote over 20 books.

<---Now hear the I Dream of Jeannie theme!

Barbara Eden remembers Larry:
In a post on her Facebook.com page, she writes, "I still cannot completely express the shock and impact from the news that Larry Hagman has passed... I am so thankful that this past year I was able to spend time with him and experience yet again 'Larry' in all his Big Texas bravado... I, like many others believed he had beat (Throat) Cancer and yet we are reminded that life is never guaranteed. My deepest condolences go out to his (family)... I can honestly say that we've lost not just a great actor, not just a television icon, but an element of pure Americana. Goodbye Larry, there was no one like you before and there will never be anyone like you again"

She also said that when a director sent her off the set crying, "Larry gave me a big hug and wiped up my tears."

When she released her book Jeannie Out of  the Bottle in April 2011, she had exposed some of Larry's bad behavoir. Of this she asked him, "Are you mad at me?"

"No, it's all true," he said and gave her a hug.

The last song he ever sang was with Heidi by his bedside: "Always" by Frank Sinatra.

*Linda Gray she knew Larry was with her in spirit because she heard that song twice on her car radio that day (when he died)*

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Bill Daily
Barbara Eden & Larry Hagman
Hayden Rorke
Sidney Sheldon, Larry Hagman and Michael Ansara Tributes  (Click here)

Barbara on Hayden: "He was a gentleman in every respect, and I miss him all the time."
Michael Ansara
April 15, 1922--July 31, 2013

Barbara Eden's former husband as well as director and costar
It has not even been a year since Barbara had to say "good-bye" to Larry, now, just weeks before her birthday in 2013, she has to say "good-bye" to the father of her child (both of whom are gone).
(On Michael) "I am saddened upon the news of Michael Ansara’s passing. My condolences go out to his wife Beverly in this difficult time. He was a good man, a good father and a fantastic actor who had a long and full life. "-Barbara

Child Matthew died on June 25, 2001.

Read more tributes to Larry here.