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This page is dedicated to all of the following people (click on the name to see their individual dedications:

Kurt Cobain                 Jack Lemmon               Lorenzo Music

John Denver                John Lennon                (John) Carroll O'Connor

Norman Fell                Audra Lindley                Frank Sinatra

George Harrison          Dean Martin                  Layne Staley

Phil Hartman               Walter Matthau             Jim Varney

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The song featured is the theme from one of Jack Lemmon's movies: Days of Wine and Roses

Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau quotes are at the bottom of this page
Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain
Singer, actor, environmentalist John Denver
Norman and Audra as the Ropers from "Three's Company"
Phil as on-air talent Bill McNeal
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This page was last updated on: April 13, 2017
Kurt Cobain
Full name: Kurt Donald Cobain

You might know him as: The lead singer of Nirvana and as Courtney Love's husband

Born: February 20, 1967, Hoquiam, WA

Died: April 5, 1994, Seattle, WA

Cause of death: reportedly a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, but now there are many theories that Kurt was murdered*

*Because of an entry in my guestbook, I again, repeat: I DID NOT ACCUSE ANYONE OF KURT'S MURDER! I was not there, and nor were his many fans!

Wendy O'Connor (Kurt's mom) on Kurt's death: "Now he's gone and joined that stupid club. I told him not to join that stupid club. (27 Club)

Courtney Love on Kurt's death: "No, Kurt, the worst crime I can think of is for you to continue being a rock star when you fucking hate it. Just fucking stop."

"I bawled my brains when he died"--Puddle of Mudd member Wes Scantlin

"He was the greatest songwriter of my generation"--STP's Scott Weiland

*Please note that these comments were made before any theories of murder surfaced!
John Denver
Full Name: Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.

You might know him as: Singer of songs like "Rocky Mountain High" and "Annie's Song." He was also an actor, as well as one of the active voices to speak out against the PMRC in 1985 banning censorship of song lyrics

Born: December 31, 1943, Rosewell, N.M

Died: October 12, 1997, Monterey Bay, CA

Cause of death: Crashed his private plane
Norman Fell and Audra Lindley
People have remembered these other people since July 1, 2001
Birth Name: Norman Feld

You might know him as: Stanley Roper on Three's Company

Born: March 24, 1924, Philadelphia, PA

Died: December 14, 1998 Woodland Hills, CA

Cause of death: Cancer

You might know her as: Helen Roper on Three's Company

Born: September 24, 1918, Los Angeles, CA

Died: October 16, 1997, Los Angeles, CA

Cause of death: complications from Leukemia
Phil Hartman
Birth Name: Philip Edward Hartmann

You might know him as: Bill McNeal on NewsRadio, himself on SNL for 8 years,                                       the voice of "Troy McClure" on The Simpsons

Born: September 24, 1948, Brantford, Ontario

Died: May 28, 1998, Encino, CA

Cause of death: Shot to death by his wife (who then killed herself)

Geraldo Rivera, (upon hearing of the murder-suicide): "Why is it people always get murder and suicide backwards? Kill yourself without  taking the other person with you."
Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon on break during "The Odd Couple"
Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau
Jack's Full Name: John Uhler Lemmon III

You might know Jack as: Felix Unger from The Odd Couple, John Gustafson in Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men

Born: February 8, 1925, Boston, Mass.

Died: June 27, 2001, Los Angeles, CA

Cause of death: complications from cancer

Walter's Full Name: Walter Matuschanskayasky

You might know Walter as: Oscar Madison from the movie The Odd Couple, Max in Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men

Born: October 1, 1920, New York City

Died: July 1, 2000, Los Angeles, CA

Cause of death: heart complications
"When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's amore."
Dean Martin
Birth name: Dino Paul Crocetti

You might know him as: half of the comedy team of Martin and Lewis, singer of   "That's Amore" and "Everybody Loves Somebody;" was a member of "The Rat Pack"

Born: June 7, 1917, Steubenville, OH

Died: December 25, 1995, Los Angeles, CA

Cause of death: acute respiratory failure
Ol' Blue Eyes defines "cool"
Frank Sinatra
Full Name: Francis Albert Sinatra

You might know him as: the "leader" of "The Rat Pack," singer of "My Way," "Summer Wind," and "Come Fly with Me"

Born: December 12, 1915, Hoboken, NJ

Died: May 14, 1998, Los Angeles, CA

Cause of death: heart attack, he also had heart disease, kidney disease, and bladder cancer
Thanks to all of you for sharing your remarkable talents with us! None of you will ever be forgotten!  RIP~all mentioned above.
Hopefully,  I will rarely have to add to this page.--Please see my other farewell page--includes tributes to Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Redd Foxx, Bob Hope, Elizabeth Montgomery, Paul Lynde, John Ritter, Warren Zevon, Johnny Cash, Marlon Brando, Tony Randall,Ronnie Lane, Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott, Dana Elcar, Don Adams, Bob Denver, Richard Pryor , Don Knotts, Gene Pitney , Billy Preston ,Peter Boyle, Levi Stubbs, Melvin Allan & Bea Arthur.  Back to top

Jack Lemmon/Walter Matthau Quotes
Two men who were so funny and witty, I had to include some of their great quotes. All are from movies both Jack and Walter starred in

Grumpier Old Men
Max is watching Geraldo when Geraldo asks, What  happens when "Bonnie and Clyde" become "Bonnie and Bonnie?"
"Oooo! Lesbians! Yummy!"--Walter

(After meeting Maria, Max decides she is a lesbian)

"Yeah, right...where have you seen lesbians?"--Jacob (Kevin P,Max's son)
"On Geraldo!"--Walter

"Tell me, was it more of a hold-up than a stick-up?"--Jack
"Even your infantile penis jokes are charming and witty today, sir."--Walter

"I may have given Max some bad advice earlier...I told him to just be himself."--Jack

The Odd Couple:

"That's not spaghetti! That's linguini."--Jack
"Now it's garbage!"--Walter

'"It took me three hours to figure out 'F.U.' stood for 'Felix Ungar'!"--Walter

"Whatever happens to me is your responsibility. Let it be on your head!"--Jack
"Why can't you get thrown out like a normal human being?"--Walter

"He'll kill himself just to spite me. Then his ghost will come back to haunt me and follow me around haunting and cleaning. Haunting and cleaning."--Walter

"He's got 92 credit cards in his wallet. The minute something happens to him, America lights up."--Walter

"You're crazy! I'm a neurotic nut, but you're crazy!"--Jack

The Odd Couple II:

"What crowd? We could all go home in one car."--Walter

"Do you ever do that? Wake up scared?"--Jack
"Yeah, when I see you staring at me."--Walter

"Didn't you put the parking brake on?"--Jack
"I didn't know you were going to punch it."--Walter

"I've just seen Heaven, and it's in living color."--Jack

"Oscar, what are two ladies going to do with one hunky funny guy?"--Thelma, the biker
"Let's all write a suggestion down on a piece of paper."--Walter

"Two middle-age bikers? They're tougher than the guys we just left in jail! Besides, did you ever stop to think of what we could get?"--Jack
"Lucky is the only word that comes to mind."--Walter

(The two bikers suddenly leave in a hurry.)
"There, are you satisfied?"--Jack
"Satisfied is not how I would describe it."--Walter

After Felix has to eat (and  Oscar pulls of the freeway, annoyed):

"Okay, Felix, I want a schedule; everyytime you're gonna eat, everytime you're gonna fart, everytime you're gonna cry, cause that's the last time I'm pulling off the freeway!"--Walter

"And I suppose you never have to pee?"--Jack

"I do it for  half an hour in the morning, and I'm though for the day."--Walter

(Felix is getting ready to take pills, but will not take them with water)

"Aren't you going to take those with water?" --Walter

"What? The local water? Do you realize how many pesticides are in there?"--Felix

"Lower your voice...(Sarcastically)...people don't know they're going to be dead in a week!"--Walter
(Old man looks at his water)

Out to Sea:

"You're crazy. Years of insanity have made you crazy!"--Jack

"There's no such thing as 'too late!' That's why they invented death!"--Walter

"What could his parents have possibly done to him?"--Jack
"He's been on this boat too long."--Walter
"He's demented."--Jack

"Bon voyage, Meathead!"--Jack
"Where is that Meathead?"
(John )Carroll O'Connor
You might know him as: "Archie Bunker" on All in the Family; Sheriff " Bill Gillespie"  on In the Heat of the Night (TV Series), which also co-starred his son, Hugh

Born: August 2, 1924, The Bronx, NY

Died: June 21, 2001, Culver City, CA

Cause of death: heart attack (from complications due to diabetes)

I remember coming back home from Hawaii in the early morning of June 21. I didn't know anything had happened until I sat down to watch Nick-at-Nite later that evening. They were showing clips of Archie Bunker dancing around on All in the Family. I knew as soon as I saw those clips that something was wrong. The last thing they showed was a still photo and the words: "Those were the days. Carroll O'Connor 1924-2001"
Those were the days, and you are truly missed, Carroll. Read co-star's commetns on this page

Larry Hagman om Carroll: "He was my mentor...I never made a move without asking him-like for my Dallas deal."
"Hey, Vern! It's me, Ernest!"
Jim Varney
Full Name: James Albert Varney, Jr.

You might know him as: Ernest P. Warrell in the many "Ernest" movies i.e. Ernest Scared Stupid and Ernest Goes to Jail; he played Jed Clampett in the movie version of The Beverly Hillbillies

Born: June 15, 1949, Lexington, KY

Died: February 10, 2000, Whitehouse, TN

Cause of death: Lung Cancer
"This is Carlton, your doorman."
Lorenzo Music
Birth name: Gerald David Music

You might know him as: the voice of countless commercials, the unseen doorman on Rhoda, writer for the Smothers Brothers  Comedy Hour, perhaps best known as the voice of   "Garfield the cat"

Born: May 2, 1937, Brooklyn, NY

Died: August 4, 2001, Los Angeles, CA

Cause of death: Lung and bone cancer
"I never met a lasagna I didn't like."
Family, Friends and Cats

  Three's Company

WLiiA? and Tony Slattery

John Lennon and George Harrison
Reunited after almost exactly 21 years, never to suffer or be parted again
Birth name: John Winston Lennon

You might know John as: one of the guitarists and vocalists of the most successful band             of all time, The Beatles, wrote amazing collaborations with Paul McCartney also had a successful solo career; he was also a  peace promoter

Born: October 9, 1940, Liverpool, England

Died: December 8, 1980, New York, NY

Cause of death: Shot to death by a deranged "fan"

You might know George as: the youngest member of The Beatles, played guitar and did mostly background vocals, but wrote and sang spectacular songs both with The Beatles and as a solo artist

Born: February 25, 1943, Liverpool, England

Died: November 29, 2001, Los Angeles, CA

Cause of death: complications from cancer
George Harrison
All in the Family
Layne Staley
"As of now, I bet you've got me wrong."
You might know him as: The lead singer of Alice in Chains, who was also with Mad Season

Born: August 22, 1967, Bellevue, WA

Died: April 5, 2002, Seattle, WA

Cause of death: Heroin overdose

Layne died exactly 8 years to the day after Kurt Cobain's death

*Please DO NOT get angry with ME for what the AP wrote up about either Layne or Kurt! I just thought you all might be interested to read the actual story for yourselves. (DO NOT SEND ME HATE MAIL! I DIDN'T HAVE TO POST THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE!) I realize the obituary is hard to read, but if you would like a clearer copy for yourself, simply just EMAIL ME and ask for one!
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Final Farewells2


Paul Lynde
SEATTLE (AP) --Layne Staley,
lead singer of the grunge rock band Alice in Chain, died of a heroin overdose, an autopsy established.
Laboratory test results released this week by King County medical examner's office came as little surprise by drug paraphernalia when he was found dead on April 19 (2002) at 34, and several of his songs dealt with heroin addiction.
An earlier autopsy showed he died on April 5, two weks before a relative found the body at Staley's home in the city's University District.
Later tests established that the cause if death was acute intoxication from an injected mixture of heroin and cocaine known as "speedball,""dynomite,""murder one," and "Belushi," for comedian John Belushi, who died of a similar mixture in 1982.
The singer went into rehabilitation several times without success.
Actor River Phoenix had heroin and cocaine in his body when he died in 1993. Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, was on heroin when he shot himself to death in Seattle in 1994.
George Michael