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Come for more, I see
"Rupert spied his trousers on, much nicer they were than Paul Merton's"
"I'm feeling incredibly lazy this morning..."
"She's through there, laid out on the bed...She's been through a hell of a lot in the past hour...She's dead!"
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Tony doing "The Rhyming Couplets of Rupert Bear" during the game of "Authors"
This is such a nice picture of him
You don't even want to know what that cereal has in it!
Read any good books lately?
The cast of Peter's Friends
Tony on the British show Just a Minute
I wonder what he's thinking about?
Isn't he romantic?
"When are you coming out? You sawing something in there?"
Woohoo!! A nice little scene from Peter's Friends. (If you haven't seen this movie yet, do yourself a favor and watch it.)
Tony had to read the credits in the style of someone trying to tell a joke, but cracking up before ever finishing it. In this shot he yells, "IT'S SO FUNNY, I WET MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Another scene from Peter's Friends--Sarah, Maggie, and Brian all just getting off the train.
Dyslexic Pirates! "Rrrraaaa!!"
Tony and fellow Whose Line is it Anyway? player, Paul Merton, on the British show Have I Got News for You
Tony on the same program, looking rather amused
Tony looking spooked, perhaps?
This picture is one of my favorites
Not that there's any pictures I don't like, of course
Tony with Stephen Frost during Scenes to Music
The 15th Commandment: Thou shalt always wear odor eaters.
In this scene with Chip Esten, Tony bows before the shoes before him (and gives Chip either the 15th commandment or a guideline)
Tony as Brian in Peter's Friends just after hearing the others sing one of the songs they used to do on stage, "The Way You Look Tonight" (Then he asks Roger (Hugh Laurie) to do what he's wanted him to do all night.)
Well, who wouldn't?  This is Tony Slattery we're talking about here!  Some of the pictures below will have captions pop up if you move the mouse over them.
I love the all black look! Of course, anything looks nice on Tony
I just love that grin! It's worth being on a second page
Tony Slattery, being a good party host, listens for the doorbell
"I'm dying...."
Tony during a game of "American Musical." In this scene, he is a dying slave wasp
"I don't find him abominable at all!"
Press Conference---Tony has captured the Abominable Snowman!
Clive introduces Tony by calling him the Hugh Grant of slapstick
Mike McShane warns Tony in a round of "Alphabet" that his wife will suck his soul out like the black widow
Now do the coffee jingle
Will it be white? Will it be fluffy? Will there be people playing on clouds?
It's so funny, I WET MYSELF!!!
That vest! I love that vest. Mike appears to be standing at attention while Tony walks toward him.

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Poor Tony is the victim of this Ryan-Colin creature in a game of "Helping Hands." (The trust is obvious, as Tony is laughing.)
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